Second School


Granada, Spain 

The Brain, Mind and Behavior Research Center at University of Granada (CIMCYC-UGR)

May, 17-18,2016

Organizing Committee: José J. Cañas (Spain) and Thierry Baccino (France)

The scope of the School.  In the recent years, interdisciplinary cognitive research gained a tremendous importance not only for solving enduring scientific problems but also for fostering progress in a number of applied domains such as human-computer interface technology, medicine, and education. The Second School will be dedicated to:

"Using On-line Cognitive Techniques for field applications"


Boris M. Velichkovsky

"Cognitive Science and Converging Technologies"

Thierry Baccino

"Eye-Fixations-Related potentials (EFRPs) in reading: method and main issues"

Frederic Dehais

"A neuroergonomics approach to monitoring pilot's performance"?

José J. Cañas

"Online techniques and building models of task performance"

Olivier Le Meur

"Saccadic models and behavioural biases in eye "

Simon P. Liversedge

"Binocular vision in reading and other visual tasks"

Angel Correa

"Visit to the Labs at CIMCYC"